In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) has been prepared by Gökdağ Plastik Kauçuk Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (“Gökdağ”) as the data controller.

Platforms and contents accessed and used through (“Website”), the official website of “GÖKDAĞ”; We inform you in order to determine the procedures and principles regarding the processing, recording and transfer of your personal data processed or shared by "GÖKDAĞ" during use by visitors and relevant third parties ("User"), and to determine the confidentiality conditions of the website and the applications and platforms used.

Your personal data is processed by complying with confidentiality principles and taking administrative and technical measures in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and relevant legislation.


1.To provide better service to the people ("User") who use or visit the website ("Website"), operated by "GÖKDAĞ" as the data controller, in any way, Some personal information (Identity Information, Contact Information, Address and Location Information, Transaction Security Information, Request and Complaint Information) is processed in order to enable you to use the applications and platforms, to ensure communication with the relevant persons, and to provide the necessary promotion and information. Personal data collected through the Website is processed, used and stored by “GÖKDAĞ” in line with the principle of privacy.

2.Available on the “GÖKDAĞ” website; Personal data reported through contact forms and other electronic forms and processed through the platforms used are not shared with third parties without the knowledge or consent of the users, except for the cases specified in the created policies and information texts. Processed personal data is not used for any purpose other than our Company's activities.

3.On the "GÖKDAĞ" website, first-party cookies and third-party cookies are used together by third-party providers (internet search engines) to prevent harmful publications and unwanted advertisements. You can review the Cookie Policy published on the website.

4.Personal data processed and stored will be reported to authorized official institutions and organizations only if requested by the relevant public institutions and organizations and official authorities and in accordance with the mandatory legislation in force, by obtaining the person's consent in cases where the person's explicit consent is required.

5.The user who is the owner of personal data, within the scope of this policy and in accordance with the policies announced on our website, approves these confidentiality terms/articles and acknowledges that the information he/she has provided belongs to him/her and that it has been filled in by him/her and that this information is used for the purpose specified in the policies established for the purpose of ensuring the application processes and communication. consents that it may be shared with relevant persons, subject to limitations.

6.If the website user agrees to use the "GÖKDAĞ" website, he/she will be deemed to have read all the terms written in this "Policy", to have been informed about the processing of his personal data, and to have accepted the processing of his personal data within the specified scope and purposes.

7.”GOKDAG”; reserves the right to change the provisions of the "Privacy Policy" without prior notice, according to the changes to be made in the legislation, the decisions to be taken by the Personal Data Protection Board and the new conditions that will arise. You can submit your requests by filling out the "Application Form" we have prepared regarding your personal data.

8.While using the website, it is possible to connect to other sites and social media sites via link links. When you click on the links that take you to the “GÖKDAĞ” website or third-party websites, please remember that these sites have personal data privacy policies. When using relevant sites, please review the privacy policies of those sites. “GÖKDAĞ” is not responsible for the content and policies of third party sites directed from the “GÖKDAĞ” website. Our company has no control over or responsibility for these websites.

9.It is a fact known and declared by IT experts and national and international authorities on this subject that "it is not possible to protect personal data 100% securely" over the internet. “GÖKDAĞ” has taken all necessary administrative and technical measures to protect your personal data. However, even if we have taken all precautions, it is not technically possible to fully guarantee the security of your personal data sent through our website.

10."GÖKDAĞ" has determined the necessary policies to process, protect, store and destroy your personal data in accordance with the legislation. “GÖKDAĞ” declares that personal data will not be disclosed and that it will not share personal data with third parties, except in cases specified in the policies, in compliance with the confidentiality principle. Company employees have been informed that the confidentiality obligation regarding personal data will continue even after the termination of the employment contract between “GÖKDAĞ” and its employees.

You can submit your requests to our Company as the data controller by reviewing our KVKK Policy and Cookie Policy, which are determined in connection with the Privacy Policy and published on the website.


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