Application Areas Material Production Technologies
Roof Liners ABS, ABS+nonwoven, ABS+softPVC Vacuum Forming
Pillars ABS, ABS+softPVC Vacuum Forming
Instrument Panels ABS Vacuum Forming
Other cabin interior trimming components ABS, ABS+softPVC Vacuum Forming
Floor Mat NR, SBR, EPDM Rubber Vulcanization
Exterior Roof ABS+PMMA Vacuum Forming
Engine Hood Cover ABS+PMMA Vacuum Forming
Mudguard ABS+PMMA Vacuum Forming
Other extrior trimming components ABS+PMMA Vacuum Forming

Easy to Clean
Low Tooling Investment



Knowing the importance of meeting customer requirements in today’s world, we are flexible enough to deal with different size orders from small quantities to medium sized series cost effectively.
As a system partner, starting from design phase, all steps of production are made inhouse including the manufacturing of tools with competitive prices. We assist our customers in terms of product development with innovative solutions and design capabilities in 3D which results with functional, reliable, safe and esthetic products...