Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”) stipulates that the relevant person can exercise the following rights by applying to the data controller. The application procedures and principles for natural persons whose personal data are processed ("Relevant Person") to the data controller are regulated by the "Communiqué on Application Procedures and Principles to the Data Controller". In this context, please tick your requests regarding your rights listed in the table below.

Requested Rights (KVKK Article 11) Please Choose
a)Learning whether personal data is processed or not,
b)Requesting information if personal data has been processed,
c)Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose,
ç)Knowing the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad,
d)Requesting correction of personal data if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed,
e)Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law,
f)Requesting that the transactions carried out in accordance with paragraphs f)(d) and (e) be notified to third parties to whom personal data is transferred,
g)Objecting to the emergence of a result that is unfavorable to the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,
ğ)To request compensation for the damage in case of damage due to illegal processing of personal data,

Interested persons who want to exercise their rights arising from legal legislation can apply using any of the application methods listed below. You can review the Privacy and Cookie Policy and Information Text on our website.

Secure Electronic Signature, mobile signature or by sending an e-mail from your e-mail address registered in our company to info@gokdag.com using the e-mail address you have notified to our company and registered in our company system.
By filling out this form completely, the relevant person can apply in writing or in person to the address Gökdağ Plastik Kauçuk Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (“Gökdağ Plastik”), Hasanağa Organize Sanayii Bulvarı 5.Cad No:8 16110 Nilüfer Bursa Turkey.
By using the Personal Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) address of the relevant person, by sending an e-mail to our company's Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) address: gokdagoto@hs01.kep.tr
Application made through a notary public or through the methods determined by the KVK Institution.

By completely filling out the form below, submit your application to our company, which is the Data Controller, using any of the methods above.

Name surname
T.R. Identification number
For Foreign Nationals Passport Number or Identification Number
Residential Address for Notification
Office address
Mobile phone
Phone number
Fax Number
E-mail address
Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) Address

Please indicate your contact with our company below.

(such as customer, business partner, employee candidate, former employee, supplier employee, supplier representative, third party company employee, company partner)

☐ Customer
☐ Visitor
☐ Business partner
☐ Supplier
☐ Employee
☐ Intern
☐ Former Employee
☐ Job Applicant/Employee Candidate
☐ Other

With whom you are in contact within our company:

Unit :
Subject :
☐ Former Employee :
☐ Years I worked :
☐ Other :
☐ I applied for a job :
☐ I shared my CV/Date :
☐ I am a Third Party Company Employee :

Please specify the company you work for and position information.

Please specify your request within the scope of KVKK in detail.

Please select the method by which you will be notified of our response to your application.

☐ I want it to be sent to my address ☐ I want it to be sent to my e-mail address
☐ I want to receive it by hand ☐ I want it to be sent to my KEP address

This form has been prepared to fully determine your legal relationship with our company and your personal data processed by our company, if any, and to respond to your application correctly and within the legal period. In order to prevent legal risks that may arise from illegal and unfair data sharing and to ensure the security of your personal data, our company reserves the right to request additional documents and disclosure information to determine identity and authority. If the information regarding your requests submitted within the scope of the Application Form is not accurate and up-to-date or an unauthorized application is made, our company does not accept responsibility for such incorrect information or requests arising from unauthorized applications. In case of receipt by proxy, the original or certified copy of the power of attorney, representation document or authorization document must be present. If you apply in accordance with the specified procedures and principles, your requests will be finalized free of charge as soon as possible and within 30 days at the latest, depending on their nature. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board may be requested.

Declaration of the Applicant Relevant Person:

As the Personal Data/Applicant, I accept and declare that I have read the general explanations in the application form, that I am aware of the KVK Law and my rights and obligations in the application form, and in this context, all the information I have specified in the application form is correct and complete. Based on this request, I kindly request you to inform me within the legal period.

Relevant Person/Applicant
Name and surname :
Application date :
Signature :


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