Gökdağ Ltd. was established in 1975 by Mr. Mehmet Gökdağ, who is the Chairman and the Founder, and it is a company functioning on auto spare parts and accessories. In the first years Mr. Mehmet Gökdağ had started the business as a workshop producing special machinery under the name of Gökdağ Makine. In 1982 production of plastic parts (head light frame, gearshift console, sun blind, etc.) for automotive industry and vacuum machine (thermoforming) which he produced for himself, has been started. In 1990 it started to produce rubber mats and rubber mat moulds with its molding house with CNC milling cutters.


For now our company has a plastic forming capacity of 30.000 kg. per month (PS or ABS) and auto mat production capacity of 15.000 pieces per month. Below are some products of our company which has a large product fan:

Quality Policy;

Our basic quality policy as Gökdağ Co. Ltd. is;


Quality Management System that is substantially defined in this Quality Manual realizes the mission of Gökdağ Co. Ltd.

Our mission as Gökdağ Co. Ltd.: To increase our market share and competitive power by serving with quality products that may fully satisfy our customers’ expectations and needs in accordance with the principles of Quality Management System.

To deliver the products, which are in the level that meets the conditions expected or defined by the customers and meets the conditions of regulation in force, on time and with the lowest price and to provide a large product fan to the customer constitute base of the aims of Gökdağ Co. Ltd. Common target of all of our employees is to increase the customer satisfaction by continuous improvement, preventing the defects and prodigality and effectively applying the quality management system.

Our Production;

Environmental Policy;

One way or another, every human activity affects the environment. Gokdag is committed to conducting its business in an enviromentally sustainable way.
We believe that there must never be any conflict between high productivity and environmental concern.
This is why we use material and resources efficiently and minimize any harmful effects of our operations on the environment.
We contribute to global sustainability by developing, promoting and utilizing resource-efficient and environmentally friendly materials and services.